Ecoproduction to achieve high industrial performance

Ecoproduction allows better production, at every step of your processes

CETIAT, the French Technical Centre for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industries, helps you improve your production and offers concrete solutions to achiever high industrial performance:

  • better productivity: rationalise your industrial processes, accelerate your rates of production, etc.
  • improved reliability: reduce manufacturing defects in your products, reduce the quantity of rejected articles, etc.
  • improved safety: detect problems more rapidly, reduce the risks for operators, improve work conditions and atmosphere, etc.
  • improved energy efficiency: use your equipment and facilities more efficiently, recover and use available energy sources more efficiently, etc.
  • more environmental liability: reduce nuisances (release of effluents, noise, etc.), give priority to non-polluting processes, reduce waste etc.

CETIAT takes part in the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) , steered by ADEME (the French environment and energy management agency) and which consists in verifying the performance of innovative environmental technologies.

Ecoproduction: how to

As an expert in heating, ventilation and air technologies, CETIAT helps companies to optimise or design their industrial processes and sites.
Ecoproduction is a transverse and individual strategy of continuous progress. Its purpose is to analyse all or part of a process chain in order to:

  • Identify possibilities of optimisation
  • Propose innovative solutions
  • Define improvement scenarios
  • Simulate expected results
  • Test the selected solutions
  • Follow-up the implementation of selected solutions

There are many goals which are often related: energy saving, production time reduction, reliability improvement, safety, quality, etc.

Read experience feedback from industrial partners (available only in French).

Ecoproduction vs. ecodesign

Although ecodesign has now become a strategy fully identified by industrialists as a means to improve the quality and sales of manufactured goods, ecoproduction is still at its early stages.
CETIAT offers you tailor-made and directly operational services to assist you in the implementation of ecoproduction in your processes. Ecoproduction consists in finding the ways to improve performance in your processes in order to achieve specific and detailed objectives (saving, reliability, safety, etc.), but it also involves transverse work in order to implement a culture of continuous progress.
As such, ecoproduction is closely related to ecodesign.
Furthermore, CETIAT offers assistance in ecodesign of products through technical services of dimensioning and simulation on its core competences in partnership with design offices or industrialists.

Find how to optimise your industrial processes and improve your ecoproduction strategy with CETIAT.


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