Energy performance diagnosis: the key to improve your performance

Energy management on production lines has become a major concern for industrialists, for economic as well as environmental reasons.

A diagnosis performed by CETIAT will allow you to optimise your energy consumption down to the very heart of your processes:

  1. INVENTORY: situation of the use of energy, utility systems and, above all, manufacturing processes and equipment
  2. INVESTIGATION: audit performed on site with a measurement campaign
  3. ANALYSIS: identification of the possibilities of saving on processes or equipment
  4. RECOMMENDATION: technical recommendations and quotations for solutions, with estimated return on investment
  5. ASSISTANCE: assistance for implementation and training

CETIAT’s actions


  • Drying, baking, etc
  • Surface treatment, painting, etc.
  • Collage, polymérisation…
  • Bonding, curing, etc.
  • Cooling, etc.

Ventilation examples 

  • Air change
  • Capture and control of pollutants at the emission source
  • Air treatment at workstations, purification, dust removal, etc.

Environmental conditioningexamples 

  • Control of work atmosphere,
  • Comfort of premises (heating, air conditioning, etc.), etc.

Utility systems examples 

  • Lighting
  • Compressed air, etc.

From simple recommendations to a complete audit, CETIAT’s actions will meet your expectations.

Following the energy performance diagnosis, CETIAT can provide you assistance to: 

  • Design low energy consuming solutions
  • Assess their feasibility
  • Select the equipment and perform acceptance testing
  • Implement a counting plan
  • Make personnel aware of energy saving, etc.

ECOnomic and ECOlogical advantages for you

CETIAT assists you to:

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Improve the efficiency of your process while guarantying its productivity, its reliability and the quality of your products
  • Reduce the emissions of pollutants and waste, etc.

CETIAT is your partner for sustainable saving.

CETIAT puts all its competences at your service, in particular to:

  • L’amélioration ou l‘optimisation du rendement des appareils et des systèmes de chauffage
  • Improve or optimise the efficiency of heating equipment and systems
  • Improve the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems
  • Reduce the energy consumption of ventilation systems
  • Ensure energy management in industrial processes, in particular when such processes require hot air or radiant energies (infrared, microwaves, high frequencies, ultraviolet)
  • Greater use of renewable energies: biomass fuels, thermal solar systems, heat pumps, etc.
CETIAT is developing collaborations for operations at regional level and long-term partnerships with Cetim (the Technical Centre for the Mechanical Industry).

CETIAT took part in the writing of reference standard AFNOR BP X 30-120 and applies it in its energy performance diagnosis methodology in the industrial sector.


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