Process improvement and optimisation for better production

With CETIAT, learn how to better know and control your industrial processes. The purpose of this overall approach is to optimise your processes as a whole:

  1. We ANALYSE your request and your processes so as to correctly understand the stakes
  2. We ASSESS the potential for optimisation of your processes
  3. We PROPOSE operational technical solutions
  4. We MODEL the solutions which provide optimum performance
  5. We SELECT with you the solutions which are best suited to your budget and your quality requirements in terms of product and productivity
  6. We VALIDATE the feasibility through pre-industrial tests
  7. We ASSIST you throughout the implementation of the selected solutions

A well-proven methodology to improve:

  • The performance of certain specific operations or of the entire production line
  • The manufacturing quality of certain equipment items or of the whole process line
  • The quality of the manufactured product
  • The reliability of a process

With CETIAT, optimising involves maximum streamlining of your processes and:

  • Reduction of the energy bill
  • Reduction of production times
  • Offering the best quality within a given time and a given production budget

CETIAT engineers and technicians work on the following processes, among others:

  • Drying, baking, etc.
  • Surface treatment, painting, etc.
  • Bonding, curing, etc.
  • Cooling, deep freezing, etc.


Aluminium profile press in operation