Our technical competences

CETIAT is a Technical Centre with expertise in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and acoustics.

Its very wide range of competences has allowed CETIAT to acquire a well-proven expertise in the industrial sector, in the following fields:

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning:


  • Ventilation and air change
  • Purification of work atmospheres, environmental conditioning
  • Purification, filtration and dust removal

Radiant energies


  • Radiant energies make it possible to transfer high levels of energy without contact. Radiant energies can be used as a complement to or replacement for hot air; they include ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), microwaves (MW) and high frequencies (HF).

Energy management:


  • Energy management on industrial sites and down to the very heart of processes, especially when such processes require hot air or radiant energies (infrared, microwaves, high frequencies, ultraviolet)
  • Efficiency of heating equipment and systems
  • Energy efficiency of air conditioning systems and heat pumps
  • Energy consumption of ventilation systems (electricity or consumption related to air change)…
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  • Calibration of sensors in laboratory and on site to perform measurements of:
    • Humidity of the air
    • Temperatures
    • Liquid flowrates
    • Gas flowrates
    • Pressures
    • Air velocities
  • Metrology studies:
    CETIAT works at different steps in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and energy measurement processes
    • Definition of measuring instrument and processes
    • Preparation of energy counting plans
    • Determination of the performance of measuring processes and systems
    • Assessment of equipment
    • Processing of measurement results and assessment of uncertainties of measurement, etc.

Preservation of the environment:


CETIAT provides assistance to industrialists as regards the problems related to safety and preservation of the environment. These notions are essential for both the production operator and the end user. This is why CETIAT engineers and technicians help you to:
  • Improve the quality of use of air handling and heating equipment and systems
    • Quality of the inside air
    • Filtration/purification of the air
    • Thermal comfort
    • Reduction of the noise generated by the air handling and heating equipment and systems…
  • Ensure safe use
    • Safety of gas equipment
    • Electrical safety…
  • Preserve the environment
    • Dust removal and purification of gas effluents generated by industrial processes
    • Clean combustion processes
    • Use of more environmentally-friendly refrigerants…

Thermal sciences


  • Heat transfers and heat exchangers
  • Thermodynamics, refrigerating circuits and refrigerants
  • Combustion of gas, fuel oil and wood
  • Drying
  • Hot air and radiant energies (infrared, microwaves, high frequencies, ultraviolet) in industrial processes…



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