Radiant energies

CETIAT is an independent reference laboratory founded in 1960. It offers its experience in multiple sectors to help industrialists design and optimise their products, equipment and manufacturing processes through integration of radiant energies. Radiant energies can be used as a complement to or replacement for hot air.

How do radiant energies work?

Radiant energies allow high levels of energy to be transferred from an emitting source to a material, by radiation. Such transfer is done in the product only, almost instantly and without contact.

Two frequency ranges exist depending on the applications considered:

  • "Infrared", reserved for surface treatments (approximately 1 mm of penetration)
  • Radiofrequencies, more widely known as microwaves and high frequencies. They act in the entire volume of material exposed to the radiation.


CETIAT is at your service to improve your projects

CETIAT carries out studies and tests on its dedicated ERICA platform or directly on site to design or optimise products, equipment and manufacturing processes. This includes feasibility, pre-industrialisation, the analysis of the dielectric behaviour of materials and the modelling of energy transfer structures.

Ventilation and air distribution, atmosphere conditioning, etc. are essential complements to the heating processes. CETIAT offers a combination of all its competences in ventilation and air distribution, thermal sciences and energetics to find the solution which is best suited to your needs, while taking industrial requirements into account. CETIAT’s 50 platforms, 6 calibration laboratories and numerical simulation facilities, thus complete the ERICA platform.

CETIAT provides assistance to industrialists, in particular to:

  • Carry out studies and tests, from feasibility to design aiding
  • Carry out pre-dimensioning and final dimensioning (reproduction of industrial production lines)
  • Help drafting the Specifications to carry out investment then select an offer
  • Consulting and assistance in the search for solutions on existing equipment and processes

 Spectrum of electromagnetic waves

Spectrum of electromagnetic waves