Innovation: anticipate, design, develop, etc.

Develop new products or industrial processes, anticipate future technologies, design the best solution for your requirements…everyday, the engineers and technicians from CETIAT’s R&D department provide assistance to help industrialists improve their performance.

  1. Throw back into QUESTION and FORMALISE your processes already in place, your targets and your requirements
  2. COLLECT the necessary technical and operational competences: publications, CETIAT engineers and technicians, partnership with other technical centres and research laboratories, etc.
  3. MODEL and SIMULATE all possible solutions
  4. SELECT and DESIGN solutions suitable for the project
  5. TEST and OPTIMISE the selected solution
  6. DEVELOP the manufacturing equipment or process
  7. PROTECT innovation

CETIAT is an independent and well-known Industrial Technical Centre which creates and develops new industrial applications. CETIAT will assist you to reduce risks down to the minimum level possible and guarantees the confidentiality of your projects.


1. High frequency and water steam pressure wood dryer with its wood load
2. High frequency and water steam pressure wood dryer: schematic diagram

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